Monday, 2 February 2015

Battling the bulge with Hypnotherapy!

“Everybody can change and turn a negative feeling into a positive feeling. I enjoy what I do, I help people all the time."

I have travelled worldwide training practitioners about The Virtual Gastric Band. Mark, who has trained with myself, has pledged to help people "battle the bulge". Read his story below:

"Instead of having to face the risks of going under the knife Mark Nicholson, 48, says he can make clients believe they have already had the stomach shrinking operation.

'I have had people lose two stone in weight,' said Mark. 'People think they have had the band.

Mark, who has had a spell working in upmarket Harley Street, first became interested in hypnotherapy when he purchased a motivational tape by Paul McKenna. McKenna was a regular on our TV screens in the 1990s, presenting a number of programmes including The Hypnotic World of Paul McKenna, Paul McKenna’s Paranormal World and Hyp the Streets.

Many of his one-to-one clients are celebrities including comic David Walliams, who used McKenna to help to help with his charity swim across the English Channel.'

Read the full story here

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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

“I felt relaxed, but I don’t know if I was hypnotised.”

Hi there,

Jason Linett is one of my Virtual Gastric Band trainers in the U.S., and this week he’s presenting a free webinar event I wanted to share with you.
“I felt relaxed, but I don’t know if I was hypnotised.” For some hypnotherapists, this statement can ruin the best of hypnotherapy sessions. Jason has created an “easy-to-master” formula to prevent this challenge with some interesting twists on classic techniques.

You will learn strategies you can fold in before, during, and after your sessions to create better hypnotic moments, strengthen your client’s belief in hypnosis, and turn your clients or volunteers into raving fans for your business.
This webinar event is free, but space is limited. Join Jason on Thursday, January 22 at 9:00pm EST./ thats 2am UK time on the 23rd.  If you cannot attend live, replays will be made available, but only to those who register for the event – so DO register today.
Click this link to register today: Supercharge Your Hypnosis

Keep making a difference
Sheila x

Friday, 16 January 2015

Hypnosis helping Business Owners achieve success !

Last Saturday (10th January) I spoke at a local event aimed at helping business owners unleash the power of their mind in order to improve their business. This was held at the Beverley Arms Hotel and profits from the event have gone towards Beverley Community Lift.
Over several years I've helped over 3,500 people around the world to achieve their personal goals by addressing their mindset and changing how they think. In recent m,months I've also started helping those whoare considering a career change or who simply want to improve their current business, by demonstrating how to broaden the circle to attract people outside of the immediate networks.
Success begins in the mind and during my business workshops I demonstrate how to unleash the power of the mind by dealing with the chatterbox in our head. It's possible to turn the negative chatter that tells us we can’t do something or that we are going to fail into positive messages that we will succeed and that anything is possible.

I aim to run more of these workshops during 2015, so keep watch for details of one which could be running in your area.


Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Change the voice in your head to improve your business

Would you like to learn better Sales & Marketing techniques to help you in 2015?

If so, I will be speaking this Saturday in Beverley where I will teach you how you can really grow your business over the next 12 months.

We are meeting at The Beverley Arms Hotel from 10:00-12:30pm and running the event in aid of Beverley Community Lift in an event organised by Fiona Ives (

You will learn proven sales and marketing techniques to help you improve your business.

We want to help local business owners get the new year off to the best possible start. If you want some inspiration and motivation please book your place via

Fiona Ives's photo.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Woman Loses 6 Stone After The Virtual Gastric Band

"Kids can be so cruel - the names they called me, things like 'fat-so' and 'Honey Monster' were so awful, I think that's always stayed with me and always will."

- Story taken from the Daily Mail, to read the full story please click here

Lorraine Robb, 39, has lost just over 6 stone after she decided to try hypnotherapy for weight-loss. After years of eating burgers, chips and large portions of food, Robb is now a new woman!

In her earlier years, Robb was bullied about her weight,  bullies called her the "Honey Monster" and "fat-so" which lead her to comfort eating.

After many diets and struggling to lose the weight, Robb found herself wearing size 24 clothing at the age of 30. Despite paying over £1,000 on diets, Robb was then advised Gastric Band Surgery, which costs a whopping £6,000!

"But at the last moment, I saw an advertisement for weight loss hypnosis on Facebook and thought I may as well try it, I had nothing to lose."

After just one 25 minute treatment session with a hypnotherapist she began to see drastic results as her weight began to plummet. 

Lorraine has now lost 6 stone and dropped 10 dress sizes!

To find out more about the Virtual Gastric Band or Hypnotherapy visit my website or contact me

Sheila x

Friday, 31 October 2014

Overcome the fear of flying

If you haven't heard already, I am holding a seminar at Humberside Airport in November. "Driffield Today" have recently written an article, see more below.

Sheila Granger is aiming to eradicate the problem for aerophobes.

Sheila, who is about to embark on a world tour, which will see her deliver talks in countries such as Australia, Canada and the US, is holding seminar at Humberside Airport on November 19 teaching local people the psychological skills to overcome their fears.

Sheila said: “The fear of flying is one of the most common fears in people today so it is something that I feel needs addressing. Thousands of people travel safely via plane every day, but unfortunately it is only the catastrophes that aerophobes remember when it comes to flying.

“The seminar will help to change the way people who suffer from this fear think about flying and give them the confidence to fly without fear.

“This is something that could potentially change someone’s life by simply changing their way of thinking. This could mean they will be able to have their first holiday abroad, or help someone who has to travel for work using a plane, I am urging people to come and seek my support.”

To read more on this article please follow this link, alternatively if you are interested in this seminar or need more information please visit the link here: or contact me on

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Friday, 29 August 2014

Don't Miss Out!

Missed out the other day?

I have been on a Canadian Radio Talk Show earlier this week, if you happened to miss this and wanted to hear it...

Follow this link so that you can listen to the podcast over and over again

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